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Trade licence in India

 Documents required

Documents Required

  •  Pan card of Company/ LLP or Partnership Firm.
  • Cancel CHEQUE and BANK statement
  • Certificate of Incorporation MOA & AOA of the Company or LLP / Partnership Agreement as the case may be.
  • Premises Proof of the establishment in the form of Sale Deed /Electricity Bill/ Water Bill and NOC form Owner .
  • Color Photograph ,Pan Card and ID Proof and  Address Proof of all Directors/ Partners.
  • Front -Fascia Photograph of the Establishment with display of goods traded from the  Premises.
  • Site/key plan showing the area under the occupation of the applicant  ear marking the background of the site.
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Provident fund registration

 Documents Required

Documents Required

  •  PAN card 
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Canceled cheque of establishment. 
  • Address proof of establishment. (Rent agreement , water/ electricity/ telephone bill in the name of establishment)
  • Specimen signature of directors and authorized signatories.
  • Consent of majority of employee in case of voluntary registration .
  • Digital signature of authorized applicant  (class 2 dsc).
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Private Limited Company

Documents Required

Documents Required

  •  DSC of two Director.
  • Director Identification Number(DIN).
  • Name Approval of the Company.
  • Drafting of MOA and AOA of the Company .
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • PAN and TAN of Company 
  • Bank Account Opening.
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Trademark Registration

Documents Required

Documents Required

  •  Trademark Questionnaire to be Filled with Complete Details and Correct Disclosure.
  • Trademark Authorization form (TM – 48)  to be signed and Notarized on  Rs. 100 non Judicial Stamp Paper.
  •   Soft  Copy of Logo or Device Mark in JPG Format ( Less than 2 MB in size)
  • In Case of Applicant is a Startup or a MSME ,they must furnished the Certificate 
  • In Case of Partnership firm being Applicant , furnish detail of all Partnership .
  • In Case of the Applicant is a Society or Trust then furnish details of all office bearers.
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Business loan

 Documents Required 

  • ID proof.
  • Address proof 
  • Proof of continuity of business.
  • Bank statement of last 6 months.
  • Board resolution (if private limited company is co- borrower). 
  • Partnership authorization letter (if partnership firm is co- borrower).
  • ITR & statement of computation of income ( last 2 years ).
  • CA certified or audited profit and loss account 
  • Latest income tax return (ITR) of Co-applicants for last 2 years .
  • Ownership proof of Residence or Office.
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Home loan

Documents Required

  •  Signed application, photograph.
  •  ID proof : Passport voter/ ID/ PAN card .
  •  Residence Proof : Passport /voter ID/ Driving Licence/ water bill/ Electricity bill /Lease agreement .
  • Income proof:  salaried individual

    a.) Latest salary (3 month) /current salary certificate.  

    b.) self employed person-  latest bank statement( 3 - 6 months)/ audited financial statement.

  • Tax proof :- 

    a) salaried individual -latest form 16 

    b)  self employed person-  latest ITR form .

  • Employment proof : 

    a) salaried individual employment certificate. 

    b) self employed persons - legal documents pertaining to establishment of the business/ profession.

  •  property documents.
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Bank overdraft

Documents required

  •  Proper CIBIL score.

    1. Monthly income.
    2. Personal detail .
    3. Bank current account
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Project finance

Documents required

  • Project report along with CMA data .
  • Quotation in respect of business setup.
  • Breakup of requirement of term loan and working capital .
  • Estimation of Projected sales and expenses.
  • Back ground of proprietor /partners/ company/ LLP complete profit.
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Professional Tax Registration in India

Documents Required

Documents Required

  • Certificate of Incorporation MOA , & AOA /LLP Agreement.
  • PAN Card of Company /LLP duly attested by Director of the Company.
  • Premises Proof of Company and NOC form of the owner such  Premises .
  • Bank Account of Company ; Cancelled Cheque and Bank Statement.
  • List of Director, Passport Size Photograph of all Directors, ID and Address Proof,
  • Board Resolution 
  • Consent Statement of Partners.
  • Attendance Register 
  • Salary Register.
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One Person Company Registration in India

 Documents Required

Documents Required

  • Digital Signature (DSC)

  • Director Identification Number(DIN).

  • Name Approval of the Company .

  • Drafting of MOA & AOA  of the Company.

  • Certificate of Incorporation.

  • PAN & TAN  of Company.

  • Bank Account Opening.

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Limited Liability Partnership

Documents Required

Documents Required

  • Digital Signature for two  Designated Partners.
  • Directors Identification Number(DIN) .
  •   Name of Approval of the LLP.
  • Drafting of the LLP Agreement.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  •   PAN and TAN of LLP 
  •   Bank Account Opening.
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Partnership Firm Registration in India

Partnership form of business is generally carried on for doing common business and achieving common profit and later on share it on pre-decided ratio.

Documents Required

  • Drafting of Partnership Deed .
  • Partnership Deed Notarization.
  • PAN Card of the Partnership Firm Apply .
  • Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN)
  • Bank Current Account Opening.

Basic Compliance to be done

  • Preparation & Auditing of books of accounts.

  • Filling of Income Tax return.

  • Filling of GST return.

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